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At Glo Modern Dentistry, our patients can receive excellent dentures. Dr. Kalasho is a top-rated Hollywood dentist that can take care of your denture needs.

What Are Dentures?

If you’re not familiar, dentures are removable replacement teeth. Modern dentures are natural-looking and more comfortable than in the past. They do take some time to get used to and won’t ever feel exactly like your real teeth.

The Different Types Of Dentures

Dentures come in two types, full and partial. Full denture will replace an entire arch that’s missing teeth. Partial denture will cover a segment of teeth missing if there are other teeth present.

Our honest and reliable cosmetic dentist will help you choose which type will be best for you.

What Are The Benefits Of Getting Dentures?

Patients with missing teeth love dentures for the multitude of benefits they provide. Denture benefits include:

  • increasing one’s self-esteem
  • improving your smile and appearance
  • proving facial muscle support
  • improvement with speech and communication
  • being able to enjoy foods that need teeth to consume
  • custom design comfort and function
  • easy removal and placement
  • easy cleaning and maintenance
  • many insurances provide denture coverage

What Are The Disadvantages?

While dentures come with great benefits, there are some potential disadvantages. For one, complete ones can feel bulky, especially an upper set in the mouth roof. Lower ones can feel unstable as well. The instability stemming from various muscles such as the tongue that can shift them. Finally, a patient’s unique jaw anatomy can present complications.

What’s The Treatment Process?

For most patients, getting dentures can be done in about 4 steps. First is getting mouth impressions. Second is measuring your bite to see how the jaw comes together. The third step is the trying on the denture, to see how it will look. Finally, the fourth step is the insertion of the denture.

How Long Do Dentures Last?

With proper care and maintenance, expect your dentures to last 7 to 10 years. Our Hollywood dentist office recommends getting new ones every five to eight years. Over a period of time, yours will gradually wear out from normal use. Your gums can also change in shape and size. When this occurs, it’s best to get yours replaced for the best comfort and function.

What Are The Costs Of Getting Dentures?

Determining the final cost of getting dentures will depend on many factors. Questions that factor into prices include:

  • the need of tooth extraction or not?
  • does the patient have dental insurance?
  • is there insurance have coverage for implants?
  • is partial or complete full needed?
  • how many total visits will be needed for the procedure?Once we know the answers, our honest dentist will be able to provide accurate costs.

So if you have missing teeth, call Glo Modern Dentistry today for a consultation. Our top-rated dentist has helped create many beautiful smiles for patients. We believe in providing the perfect balance of aesthetics with function. Dr. Kalasho doesn’t just want you to look good, but feel amazing too! So contact us and get work done with one of Hollywood’s best cosmetic dentists.

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